A new beguining...take two!
The King Pic 001 A new beguining...take two!
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A new beguining...take two! is the fourteenth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is The King's first picture for the roleplay.

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Narrator guy: And so our story beguins in the large province now known as West Falmiria, near the Stoneclaw mountains was a little village known as Rockfall.
It was not too far from the important trade road between the western Highcliff harbors and Falmir Capital city but usually merchant would stop by once or not at all every season.
And so one ordinary late spring day a small caravan carrying valuable ebony stoped by at the tavern (where the village's popylation hung out) to rest till the morrow.The worried captain spoke to his old friend the Tavern owner who everyone else in the village saw as their leader.

Captain:On our way from the Harbor we got ambushed by bandits.We fought them off but one of my men got wounded and later died.
Barman/Owner: What a shame, you cant even safely travel anymore.
Captain: Hah you wish, rumor has it that a greenskin tribe is moving somewhere in this region,when I arrive I will personaly speak with one of the kings generals to send some troops and clear the threat.They will most likely avoid attacking settlements but will have no doubt to attack a caravan, thats why I need one of your villagers to replace my dead footman,we burried him but took his armor.Know anyone willing to go with us?
Owner: Hmmm... As you know this is a really small village but I think I know one guy who might be up for it,his name is Todor.
Captain: Tell me more, i must know if this person is reliable.
Owner: Well I dont know who his father is but his mother,may she rest in peace arrived was from Whitestone and she arrived pregnant with him 20 years ago after the stronghold fell. He is a nice modest fellow always ready to help someone else,pritty good with the axe too. Last winter a bear from the mountains got to our village and ate his best friend infront of his axe.You should have seen how he sliced her face off with a single bow! This dark event was two weeks after his mother's death so he got very isolated, but he is young and Im sure he's hungry for action.You will find him in his farm at the end of the village near the mountainside.
Captain:Okay it seems he will do. I'll go when I finish my drink and go talk to him.

One Hour later, at the Farm...

Captain: Hello young man,I came to your village to look for help protecting my caravan and the locals said you might be willing to help me.
Todor: Gee I dont know,I havent seen any falmirian army recruiters around here and I guess you need my help for a reason.
Captain: Well alright one of my soldiers got killed by bandits in an ambus, Im afraid we might meet them or something even worse so Im asking for your help.
Todor: Sure I love helping people out but this is risky, whats in it for me?
Captain: A free trip to Falmir city and a hundred and sixty gold coins once we get there.
Todor: A hundred and sixty? Deal.
Captain: You know how to ride a horse right?
Todor: Ofcourse I used to have one.
Captain: Good, meet me tommorow morning infront of the Tavern and we'll travel by horse to the Capital,you wont regret it!By the way my name is Walster Swordhand, captain in the kings army.
Todor: Well my name is Todor.
Captain: Yes they told me about you, but dont you have a family name?
Todor: No... Im just Todor...
Captain: Alright well I'll tommorow you will get your armor and a swo--
Todor: Im better with axes.
Captain: Fine an axe, but shave or something, if you are in the army you must look respectable.
Todor: Alright I'll see you tommorow.

Narator:And so the two men parted.Also thats not a mage in the first picture but a shepard and theres a pine apple on the seccond :D