The Dawn of a Light
Legion King Pic 001 The Dawn of a Light
Made by Legion King
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Upload date 11-29-2011
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The Dawn of a Light is the third picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Legion King's first for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

For years a righteous force of Falmir's heroes had fought boldly against the brutal savages, the greenskin armies. But at last, a war against a clan had ended triumphant for the great Falmir, another victory to be listed in their history.

Highlord Andorias Valorfist, who commanded the Falmir army through the war with the greenskins had returned, but not in empty hands.
An orcish artifact was found during the war, and so he brought it to Falmir after his victory and began to study the artifact.

"The helm of the last Khan" he said to himself after finding out the identity of the rusted artifact, he stood up and looked into the helm, as then the eyes grew red for a moment and then the red glow faded as Andorias heard a whisper: "Al'gir lokas fald'inar"

He then picked up the helm to bring it to others and inform them about the artifact.