Wheel of Fate
Alagremm Pic 002 Wheel of Fate
Made by Alagremm
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Upload date 12-04-2011
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Wheel of Fate is the fourth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Alagremm's second picture for the new roleplay.

Picture descriptionEdit

Oh fate. Like the moon, you change swiftly. Monstrous and empty.

It began not so long ago. Son of an old scholar, who died during my childhood, left to survive on my own. It is on the streets that I discovered my abilities. Abilities of a mage. In my small room, filled with books, I tried to learn, secretly from the whole world. There I tried to find my purpose.
But it was not long, until I was found. I felt that I could do so much and now I am being led through the streets, kicked by the guards. People like me are called witches, demon-worshippers. I do not know why. I for once never had even the slightest wish or feeling of seeking power in demons. They were beyond my understanding.
I see no future ahead of me. I haven't even been a powerful mage, my powers were small. As many before me, I will probably perish in the dungeons beneath the palace of the Emperor. Even if I manage to escape my life will be a pointless neverending run from the Empire, the pitiful life of a rogue mage, hunted down like a beast. I rather die then live such a life without purpose.
My name is Terentian and I do not know what fate holds for me. Perhaps I will be granted a swift death.